About Us

Viatuzi is all about the shoes and accessories of high quality at a very reasonable price.

Viatuzi started in 2008; the name came from my brother in law Abdi-Karim Berleen.  Personally I love Viatuzi; it is this passion that I had which drove me into selling Viatuzi.

Shoe Lovers, Viatuzi is the only place in town where you will get the best shoes of high quality at a very reasonable price, make sure you visit one of our stores, and you will not be disappointed.

From Viatuzi all I can tell you is  ,  the shoes that you’re  put on  say a lot about yourself  and  as a woman , you can never have too many pairs of shoes and one more pair every now and the  month won’t hurt.

Karibu Viatuzi, cause that’s where your feet want to be ........Xoxo

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